Way before it was particularly popular to do so, Volkswagen was offering people movers in various shapes and sizes with small-displacement engines that offered up very favorable fuel mileage. Of course, the most famous of the old air-cooled VWs is the Beetle, a car so iconic that it was revived not long ago by the German automaker to inject a little nostalgia into its lineup.

Perhaps even more innovative than the Beetle, though, was the slightly larger Type 2, more commonly known as the Bus. Though it really gained in popularity during the hippie movement when it was bedecked with all manner of peace signs and flowers, in reality the machine was designed to move people and their belongings in the most economical manner possible.

With that little bit of history out of the way, how cool is the VW Bus-shaped sidecar attached to the Lambretta scooter seen above? Apparently, the sidecar is constructed from the shell of a small go kart that was made for a time by a company called Bratz. We don't have much more information on the machine, but we think there might just be enough room for one in our garage.

[Source: Motorcycle.com]

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