Funny Car Commercial of the Day: Careful what you put in your mouth

Careful what you put in your mouth - Click above to watch the video after the break

It's a classic scenario: You visit someone's house for the first time... say, on a first date. You find yourself with a little alone time as your host tends to a few last-minute items before you take off together – and you get a little nosy. It's all right, we've all been there. Be it in the medicine cabinet or in the living room, sometimes you find something that really catches your interest. Ever been caught red-handed?

If so, the results couldn't possibly have been any worse than what you'll see in today's Funny Car Commercial of the Day, where we see a 2002 Land Rover Freelander that's been in some rather exotic places. No amount of explaining is going to excuse this guy's actions, right? Click past the break to watch the video and be sure to visit for more gut-busting commercials from around the world.


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