When Chrysler announced plans to spin off the Ram brand from the Dodge division, more questions than answers were left in its wake. So the truck-obsessives at Pickuptrucks.com sat down with the newly-appointed President and CEO of the Ram brand, Fred Diaz Jr., to suss out the details – to varying levels of success.

As expected, the 20-year Chrysler veteran did the executive shuffle around Pickuptrucks.com's most pointed questions, but it's clear Chrysler has plans to market and advertise the newly-formed truck and commercial vehicle division separately from its former Dodge umbrella.

Diaz didn't divulge much about how Ram will be differentiated from its former parent, only saying, "The car side is definitely going to be marketed and branded different than the Ram brand, which is all about trucks and their capabilities."

On November 4, Chrysler is holding a lengthy press event where the automaker is expected to divulge some of its future product plans and how each individual brand will be marketed going forward. While we've already heard rumblings (and seen one TV spot) of Chrysler's attempted move upmarket, it's unclear how Dodge will be positioned. The smart money is on a more performance and consumer oriented image (similar to Chevrolet), while Ram is sure to capitalize on its rough-and-tumble truck persona. To that end, Diaz told Pickuptrucks.com, "At the end of the day, the Ram [pickup] will still have some Dodge DNA to it. Anything that's a real, true truck is part of Ram and the Ram brand going forward."

[Source: Pickuptrucks.com]

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