Diesel engines like to burn diesel fuel. Most, especially older ones, will also run just fine on biodiesel. But ethanol? You can't put ethanol in a diesel engine, right? According to National Corn Growers Association chairman and Nebraska corn farmer Bob Dickey, there actually is a way to mix ethanol into a diesel cycle right at the point of combustion, resulting in a diesel engine that runs cooler and is more efficient.
Called CleanFlex Power System, the unusual process was developed as a way to burn more ethanol in the U.S. Currently, CleanFlex is being tested in a stationary John Deere power system, and Dickey says it's working well. In addition to the diesel fuel (which could also be biodiesel), the ethanol used in CleanFlex is cut to 60 percent with water (called EM60). You can hear Dickey talk about the system over at Domestic Fuel.

[Source: Domestic Fuel]

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