2009 Honda FCX Clarity - Click above for high-res image gallery

Honda has brought the Honda FCX Clarity to the Old Continent. Unfortunately, interested drivers won't be able to lease the hydrogen-powered car, since the Clarity is here just for members of the press. Only two vehicles have been brought ashore, and both are registered in Germany.

One of the first publications to glimpse the car is Autoplus, in important car magazine in France. Autoplus highly praised the Clarity, saying it was as an upscale, family-oriented large sedan with great assembly quality. The magazine said that "perceived quality" is one of the Clarity's most important selling points. Also, the 460-km (300-mile) range is considered excellent, although there are barely any hydrogen filling stations in Europe, except in Norway. Considering that the car isn't available here, anyway, it's not a big problem right now.

[Source: Autoplus]

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