In a sense, every day is Blog Action Day here at AutoblogGreen. We figure our posts can be funny or serious, but they all intend to do at least a little something to get people to reconsider how much energy is needed to get around. In our view, the less, the better, and we're excited by some of the amazing vehicles coming down the road that will make reducing our energy use while still being super-mobile possible and fun. Today, though, is Blog Action Day all over the place.
Started by Collis & Cyan Ta'eed two summers ago, the idea is to get as many bloggers as possible to write about an important topic on October 15th. Over 20,000 keyboard jockeys participated that first year, discussing the environment; this year, the action is being organized by the team at and the topic is Climate Change.

The Blog Action Day organizer make clear that the day is really about "mass participation." To that end, we'd like to invite everyone who reads this post to chime in using the comment form below (if you've never commented before, this is a great time to start) to share your thoughts. Are you worried about it? Are you willing to make drastic changes to prevent it? Do you worry that change is so tremendously slow in coming and think that we're pretty much doomed already? Whatever your viewpoint, get started in the mass participation now. And then keep going.

[Source: Blog Action Day]

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