Dutch auto journo Thomas Bangma giving his opinion on the Lexus LF-A -- Click above to view the video after the jump

The man you see above is Thomas Bangma. Described as a Dutch automotive journalist, and noted on his LinkedIn page as an "Independent Automotive Professional," we can't find much dirt on him -- but if he's getting invited to press events for the Lexus LF-A, he must know a bit about something.

During that aforementioned event, Mr. Bangma gave his opinion on Lexus' glacially developing supercar, and he adds no sugar to the medicine: "The car is the best car I have ever driven in my whole life as an automotive journalist." Well then. What we can definitely say is that as it flies by behind him, it sounds positively murderous. In a good way. Follow the jump for the rest of Bangma's thoughts.

[Source: YouTube via Cars UK]

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