Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, known in the retail world as Dollar Rent A Car and Thrifty Car Rental, will be buying about 40,000 fewer Chryslers than it did last year. Previously, the company was contractually bound to ensure that 75% of its fleet was composed of Chrysler vehicles. After the bankruptcy kerfuffle, the contract has been revised to compel Dollar Thrifty to purchase a new minimum number of vehicles, and the company is using the freedom to increase its model mix.

Instead of being so Pentastar-heavy, from now on, Reuters says that Dollar Thrifty's fleet figures to be 30% Chrysler, 34% Ford, 20% General Motors, 6% Nissan, and 10% left over for Hyundai and Kia. The model mix transition should also help Dollar Thrifty stabilize the income from fleet sales; the company took a beating when the residuals market took a dump, especially due to the fact that it was trying to flog so many products from a company thought to have a dubious future.

All three domestics have talked about getting away from low-margin fleet buyers for some time now. Still, the 40,000 hit to Chrysler's sales still probably isn't the best of news – Chrysler didn't want to get this far away from fleets.

[Source: Reuters]

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