2010 Mission One electric motorcycle - Click above for high-res image gallery

This morning, Neiman Marcus had a prime spot on the Today Show and presented to America some of the gifts on offer from this year's Christmas Book Fantasy List. The appearance means over 5 million more people are now acquainted with the concept of electric motorcycles, which were well represented by the special black and anthracite Neiman edition of the Mission One, complemented with Marchesini magnesium gold wheels. They got to hear about its 150 mph top speed and the spokesperson from the retailer, vice-president Ginger Reeder, also let slip that its 0-60 time is 2.9 seconds. Matt Lauer, who seems to be pretty up on these things was quick to say, "Yeah, if you've ever driven anything electric you know that it's all torque, it's really torque [sic]". Though the bike's moment in front of the cameras was brief, it was still enough to make someone want to write a "Dear Santa" letter.

Appearing alongside the atramentous object of our desire were a trio of those cupcakes we were telling you about. Although only capable of 7 mph, one of the motorized confections seemed to go rogue and threatened to take out the camera crew before settling for a little bumper car action with another cupcake. Hit the jump for video of the presentation along with its mechanized mayhem.

[Source: Today Show / Mission Motors]

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