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Samuel L. Jackson has been a pop culture phenomenon since long before he strode onto the set of Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction as hitman Jules Winnfield. And the smooth-talking actor has historically made for a great pitchman, too – except when he told us to watch Snakes on a Plane. General Motors' now-defunct Pontiac brand decided that Jackson would be the ideal spokesman for the 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix, so it contracted the Royale With Cheese-loving bad ass mother f%@%#r to do voiceovers for a few spots. And while the final commercials were delivered with Jackson's latter-day Billy D. Williams smooth side, let's just say that at least one just-unearthed outtake contains a bit more Jules Winnfield/Englewood Jack than would be permitted by the FCC.

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to listen to Jackson as he goes from Pontiac pitchman to Zeus, father of Apollo, reigning down hilarious f-bomb lightning bolts from Mount Olympus. For our money, we think touting "260 supercharged powers" and going with Jackson's dramatic riff on Pontiac's then-current "Fuel for Your Soul" tagline would have sold more widetrack sedans than the final edits. We also added two of the final television spots after the jump for comparison's sake, but we understand that the audio clip actually came from a radio ad recording session. Either way, special thanks go out to reader Mike C. who tracked down the audio through his friend at an ad agency.

*WARNING: Voiceover contains (very) explicit language. Not safe for work.

[Source Image: Miramax Films]

Samuel L. Jackson's Pontiac Grand Prix commercial outtake

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