While some think driving around the world in 80 days is a good way to promote the environmentally-friendly possibilities of electric transport, others prefer to take the slow road. In this case, three years worth of slow road. This past May, Guin Valls set out from Beijing, China on a journey powered by sunshine and sweat that won't end until he arrives in London during the Olympic Games in 2012. Aboard a specially-built electric bicycle laden with gear and pulling a small trailer, the Spaniard is using his life-long love of travel to "demonstrate and promote the use of alternative transport options that have less negative impact on our planet."

As the "Electric Bicycle World Tour" travels through more than 40 countries on 5 continents, Guin is talking to people about their lives and environmental concerns, taking pictures and video as well as recording sounds. The multimedia experience is being uploaded to his burgeoning website and you can follow along as he meets and (hopefully) surmounts the challenges that present themselves. Although he is traveling solo, there are a number of people behind the scenes helping him out and, if you'd like, you can too. He is seeking supporters who can help with everything from translations to donations. Hit the jump for a bit of video explaining his trip as well as some bonus footage of bicycling in Beijing.

[Source: Electric Bicycle World Tour]

I - EBWT project presentation from Electric Bicycle World Tour on Vimeo.

II - A day in Beijing from Electric Bicycle World Tour on Vimeo.

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