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The Tesla Roadster is, quintessentially, a California car. Not only is the convertible two-seater perfectly suited for the streets of Santa Monica but the car's home is in the San Francisco/Palo Alto area. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, though, has a lot of ties to Canada and a new profile of the man suggests that as the electric car company grows, it might build future Tesla models in Ontario.

The Star writes that Canada is being considered for Tesla's third model, the "cheap" one that should cost less than $30,000 when it arrives an unspecified number of years (five?) down the road. The value of the Canadian dollar at that time is one of the factors that will determine where that vehicle will be built, Musk said. He also said, "Canadian auto plants are some of the most efficient in North America, so it would be wise for us to take a close look" and that Canadians just might crush hard on his EVs:

Canadians have a strong environmental sensitivity, greater than in the United States. Also in Canada, most of the electricity is renewable from hydro and nuclear, much more so than the U.S., which still uses a lot of coal. I think in some ways it's really a better market.

Maybe not for convertibles 12 months a year, but for EVs? Sure.

[Source: The Star]

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