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After two separate concept vehicles and years of waiting, the Lexus LF-A finally appears to be ready for prime time. The first-ever Lexus supercar has reached critical mass on the Interwebs, with Nurburgring sightings and videos of the V10-powered wunderkind on public roads. And while we're all about getting as much LF-A as possible, we can always use more, and if we had our preference, we'd like to see Toyota's new $250,000 show pony doing tricks.

Last week at Motorsport Japan 2009, the LF-A was in attendance and the 550-horsepower flagship didn't disappoint the fans on hand. Hit the jump to watch the LF-A in its racing dress, as the big-winged, heavily stickered Ferrari hunter wastes some perfectly good rubber on an unsuspecting blacktop. Beyond a few burnouts and selective drifting/donuts, the LF-A spends most of its time going Ricky Bobby, as the crowd is treated to several oval laps of the left turn variety. We definitely dig the pissed off-sounding sound track emanating from the LF-A's bowels, too, but this pre-production model would appear to exhibit some serious understeer that will hopefully be cured once production starts. Thanks for the tip, Rich!

[Source: YouTube]

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