REPORT: Chrysler retiree saves two men in fiery pickup crash with his power washer

Retired Chrysler worker Stipe Botica is a hero today after putting out an engine fire after a single-vehicle accident, likely saving the life of the passenger. The accident occurred at 4 am when two men in a Ford Ranger crashed into a vacant house next door to Botica's residence at Forest Glade in Windsor, Ontario.

When Botica went outside, he found the two men crying for help, so he helped pull the driver out of the vehicle. He then discovered that the passenger was wedged against the dashboard and unable to move while a fire was brewing in the Ranger's engine compartment. Botica ran into his backyard and grabbed a power washer that he'd been using to clean his pool and returned to the wreck, where he doused the engine bay and the passenger. Botica claims it took about five minutes to extinguish the fire, and it later took about an hour to remove the passenger from the wrecked Ranger. Botica told the Windsor Star that the area around the vehicle smelled of alcohol and there were no obvious signs of braking in the area around the incident.

We weren't at the scene of the accident, but we're thinking that two young men were mighty lucky Botica was home, alert and had a power washer handy when they crashed in the middle of the night. Who knows, perhaps Chrysler could fly Botica and his power washer to Auburn Hills to put out some fires at his former employer!

[Source: Windsor Star | Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty]

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