Darryl Siry, who once worked for Tesla Motors and currently advises Coda Automotive with their all-electric sedan, has started writing for WIRED's Autopia blog. In his first post out of the gate, Siry leaves technical EV details aside and suggests some policy changes. Siry wants enhancements to the federal government's offer of up to $7,500 tax credits for plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles, saying that the tax credits should be turned into instant rebates instead. This won't cost the taxpayer any more money, but will make it easier for "mainstream customer who will rely on financing to buy the vehicle" to afford electric vehicles.

Siry's other suggestion is to let commercial entities claim the $7,500 to buy batteries if they then plan on leasing them to customers. He writes: "Currently, the tax credit only applies to personal income tax. Such a change will provide a pathway for financing companies to more cost effectively lease batteries to customers, as we have seen in the solar industry." Seems like good ideas to foster EV adoption rates without spending any more money than was already allotted.

[Source: Autopia]
Photo by Matti Mattila. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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