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Different automakers seek out different bragging. The same goes for tuning houses. The bogey in question may be the quickest lap time around a given race track (usually the Nürburgring), a particular horsepower figure, a performance benchmark, or, in some cases, a world land speed record. That's what Spectre Performance was after with their SpeedLiner, and that's what they got. Well, one category of LSR, anyway.

The Spectre SpeedLiner is a purpose-built speed record car powered by a custom Cadillac V8 measuring 529 cubic inches (8.8 liters) in capacity, boosted by a pair of intercooled 88mm turbochargers, custom forged rods, solid roller cam, ported heads and oversized valves. The result is somewhere near 2000 horsepower, give or take. And on Sunday, the SpeedLiner clocked a 330.7 mph top speed on the Bonneville Salt Flats, claiming the record for the fastest wheel-driven, gasoline powered vehicle in the world.

Reports indicate that Spectre is looking to hit 400 mph, so this may very well not be the last we've heard from the SpeedLiner. In the meantime, you can check out a trio of videos after the jump.

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