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In a little more than three weeks, Sergio Marchionne will reveal his 5-year plan for Chrysler. According to information revealed by a Fiat exec and Chrysler board member Alfredo Altavilla last week, at least one electric car will be part of it. While visiting a gearbox factory in Italy, Altavilla confirmed that the presumed-dead electric car program is in progress and being worked on by Chrysler and Fiat. He gave no further comment on the matter.

Chrysler, through its ENVI in-house electric propulsion division, currently has four electric vehicles: the Dodge Circuit EV (shown), Jeep Patriot EV, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited EV, and Chrysler Town & Country EV. The ENVI site claims that you'll be able to own at least one electric model by 2010, and there will be "at least three more models available by 2013." Those claims could be outdated, however; we'll have to wait until November 4 to get clarity on the future. But if there's an electric Fiat 500 in there, well, let's just say we won't be disappointed...

[Source: Wall Street Journal]

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