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This coming Tuesday morning, two guys will strike out on a pair of Brammo Enertias and retrace the trail Detroit auto execs took to the halls of political power when they begged for their bailouts. The goal of this journey is not to ask for money to help build a greener vehicle a few years from now, but rather to "shock Barack" with the electric motorcycle transportation solution they are already shipping. The daring duo is comprised of Brammo lead designer Brian Wismann and lead engineer Aaron Bland and they are, as one might imagine, quite psyched about the expedition. As the two tweeted,
The eve of a great journey. Like Branson's transatlantic balloon crossing. Except we aren't rich. Or British. Or airborne. Or bearded.
Indeed. While they are bringing their own transportation, the two have put out a call to arms (very much in the metaphorical sense) and are requesting assistance from those interested in aiding their cause. They will need places along the way to charge their steeds as well a stable for themselves and their rides. Oh, and food (geez, someone get these guys an expense account already). Last but not least, they need the help of someone who knows Obama, or someone who knows someone who knows Obama etc. to let him know they're coming and answer the door when they arrive. We suggest they give Jay Leno a call since he not only knows the prez but is getting his very own Enertia delivered this weekend. Failing that, we suggest that if they are confronted by a bunch of guys with hands tucked inside their dark suit jackets, not to make any sudden moves. Hit the jump for bonus video of one of the first Enertia customers taking delivery.

[Source: Shocking Barack via Brammofan]

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