Paul Carter, a best-selling author who previously spent 20 years as an off-shore oil driller, is smack dab in the middle of a 20,000-kilometer (12,240-mile) trip around Australia aboard a biodiesel-powered motorcycle built by students at the University of Adelaide. If Carter is successful, he plans to follow this trip up with a land-speed record attempt of 166 miles per hour aboard a second biodiesel-powered motorcycle.

Carter hopes to average 53 miles per hour over the trip using 650 liters in used cooking oil and waste animal fats. A few years back, this same green machine traversed 3,000 kilometers while achieving about 67 miles per gallon and emitting just 71 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer.

From what we can glean from earlier reports, the bike itself is based on a Husaberg enduro and is powered by a 10-horsepower diesel engine from Yanmar hooked up to a Comet CVT transmission. Interested in following along? Carter is chronicling the adventure at

[Source: TreeHugger]

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