WaterCar Python rocks our Corvette-loving, Ram-driving souls [w/VIDEO]

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If you thought that the amphibious Fiat we told you about last month would be a hoot, but you longed for more power than that car's 850 cc four-banger could provide, then maybe this is the vehicle for you. Billed as "THE WORLD'S FASTEST, HIGHEST PERFORMING AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLE EVER DESIGNED AND BUILT," this is the WaterCar Python. Whether on water or on land, it is one quick ride. Weighing 3,800 pounds, the modified Corvette powerplant can propel it from a standstill to 60 mph in a claimed 4.5 seconds on its way through the quarter in the mid-12s. Not bad for a boat that has all of the aerodynamic goodness of a Dodge Ram. Appropriately, the car's motive force is honored in the styling of the rear fascia. Seeing the Corvette tail on this beast reminds us of the Ferrari-powered regatta racer in One Crazy Summer, except this one is still roadworthy.

When you decide that you want to take to the waves, a Dominator Jet provides the propulsion and allows a top speed of 60 mph! That is damn fast for a boat, especially one that is highway-capable as well. Heck, you can even open the doors while out on the water. The interior features two captain's chairs up front and a wraparound bench in back so you can share all of the amphibious fun with a half dozen of your closest friends. For a base price of $200,000, WaterCar will build you a Python to your exact specs, with your choice of aluminum Corvette LS motors, exterior and interior colors, and even a custom-tailored pedal and shifter placement. Bikinis are optional.

Check out the huge high-res gallery below and follow the jump for a video of the Python in action.

[Source: WaterCar]

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