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The BMW 3 Series, once the smallest car in the company's catalog, has grown tremendously over the past few generations. So to meet demand for smaller vehicles, the Bavarian automaker has been continuously cranking out smaller models to slot in below it. Reports now indicate that BMW is preparing a new 0 Series to bridge the gap between the 1 Series and the Mini.

According to the reports, BMW will base the new 0 Series on the next Mini's platform, which tells us two things: first, that it will break with company convention and go front-wheel-drive, and second, that they're planning on developing the next Mini in-house, instead of co-developing it with another automaker. Meanwhile the 0 Series is expected to arrive in three- and five-door hatchback body styles, and potentially (as is usually the case with BMW rumors) breed a compact roadster as well. The point of the 0 Series is to help the company bring down its environmental impact overall, while flipping the same coin to offer premium buyers a smaller, more efficient package.

[Source: CAR Magazine via MotoringFile]

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