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We've already established that we feel the 2010 Ford Taurus is a lot more interesting than the boring and benign model it replaced, and sales totals are starting to reinforce our findings. September's sales tally revealed that the new Blue Oval flagship received a 60% sales increase versus September of 2008, and while the fact that the top sales market for the Taurus is Metro Detroit is no surprise, second place is likely the real prize. The Taurus is reportedly red-hot in sunny California, and some dealers are having trouble keeping the super-sized sedan in stock.

That's obviously a great problem to have, and Ford spokesperson Amy Marentic told the Detroit Free Press that there is a simple reason why supplies are short: "The older Taurus ... did not move and really wasn't relevant in California." Galpin Ford vice president Beau Boeckmann was a bit more direct in his reasoning, adding "We went from a frumpy car that did not have a southern California appeal to a car that everybody is in love with." Ford says it is also seeing good news on the options front, as it says 95% of customers are ordering uplevel models or are at least adding extras. A significant 25% of customers have reportedly opted to add Ford's excellent navigation system, up from only 4% on the outgoing Taurus.

We're not so sure "everybody" loves the new Taurus, as it's still a big rig that won't ignite the passion of most enthusiasts, but that isn't really its lot in life anyhow, and we can at least say that the new model ought to receive far more love than the neutered bull it replaced. Hat tip to Yaroukh!

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[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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