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Toyota's successful launch of the 2010 Prius hybrid doesn't appear to be losing any momentum in Japan. According to the Japanese Automobile Dealers Association, the automaker moved a total of 31,758 Prius hybrids last month, making September the fifth straight month that the fuel-sipper was the best-selling car in its home market of Japan.

What's more, Toyota reports that there is a backlog of Prius orders that numbers well into the thousands. In fact, order a brand new Prius in Japan today and you're not likely to get your new car until May of 2010. One of the reasons cited for the car's continued performance are a series of incentives in Japan to boost the sales of fuel efficient vehicles, but those programs are currently scheduled to end next March.

Moving on down the line, the Honda Fit took second place in overall sales in Japan with 17,241 units sold. Honda's reborn Insight, which held the top position in April, its first month on the market, came in fifth position.

[Source: Canadian Press via Google]

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