Hammond says Top Gear crew's scariest moment was infamous Southern U.S. episode [w/VIDEO]

Top Gear's Rednecks in Alabama USA - click above to watch the videos

Seems like forever since we've run a Top Gear post, no? And hey, when the world's most popular car show is on hiatus we tend to get a bit... withdrawn. Because, well, we just love the antics. Like the time Clarkson had a Bugatti Veyron and Hammond was stuck in the back of May's Cessna as they raced back to London. Brilliant, right? Or how about the £1,500 Porsche challenge. We try to watch it once a month. And let's not forget the time they bought a bunch of used cars in Florida and drove 'em across the South. Actually... was that even real? Like, did Confederate Flag crazed rednecks really try to kill all three of them? Here's what the tiniest but toughest member of Top Gear has to say about it:
It's a pretty lengthy story, but in the course of our trip, by way of an entertaining diversion to keep up our spirits during an especially lengthy drive, we had devised a plan whereby we would each try to get the others killed.
Hmm, okay, yes – very funny, but really? Like, for reals?
[W]e all felt that we would cause, at worst, a ripple of offence no deeper than that which might be generated among the residents of Cornwall by three visitors driving their cars through Truro with "Cream teas are rubbish" painted down the sides. We covered three miles before being placed in genuine fear for our lives.
Fun! And then they pulled into that gas station where they were approached by a woman that asked, "Y'all queers trying to see how long you can last in a hick town?" If you've seen the episode, you know how it ends. And if you haven't, we've got it after the jump. And we strongly advise you to read the rest of Hammond's remarks, as they are quite, um, enlightening.

[Source: Top Gear]

Rednecks in Alabama USA Part 1

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Rednecks in Alabama USA Part 2

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