VIDEO: VW channels Back to the Future, Grease for new Polo ad

Volkswagen Polo Commercial - click above image to watch the video

A few months ago, we found ourselves aimlessly and fortuitously wandering around the nether regions of a Los Angeles based press fleet's deep storage unit. Total "no cameras" zone. We stumbled in deeper and deeper, past the A8s used for Transporter 3, past the bright pink Mattel Barbie VW Routan and matching pink Barbie New Beetle Convertible with a motorized make-up valise that emerges from the trunk. Suddenly, lo and behold, there's a red 2009 Volkswagen Polo in all its Euro-only glory. Can we drive it? No. Please? No. Come on, man – just a quick drive? No, also – no.

So why is a Volkswagen Polo socked away in the very back of a warehouse? For a commercial, man. And it's actually a pretty nifty commercial, reminiscent of the town square scenes in Back to the Future. They even use the same Universal Studios back lot to film the new Polo spot. However, instead Marty McFly leading Biff and the baddies into the back of a manure truck, the commercial transitions to a Grease-like drag race between the Polo and some sort of chopped '50s zeitgeist flame job convertible – we'll go with custom Buick Roadmaster (or... 1953 Packard). Anyhow, we're not going to spoil the ending, beyond letting you know that the Polo wins. Make the jump to watch the video. UPDATE: ha ha ha.

[Source:Volkswagen via YouTube]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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