How much does it take to turn a Saab into a Koenigsegg? The half-billion dollars in funding the niche automaker is locking down to acquire the erstwhile General Motors subsidiary? The million euros one of its supercars sells for? How about 116 kronor? That amounts to about $16.50, and it's how much one local motorist has paid to slap the Koenigsegg name on his Saab 9-5 SportCombi wagon in an apparent jab at Swedish domestic auto industry.

The photo has got enthusiasts in Scandinavia jabbering over Koenigsegg's "secret plans" for Saab, as if the exotic automaker was planning to scrap its new acquisition and assimilate its products under its own name. While Saab might not rank as high among Swedish brand names, as, say, Ikea, it does have a little higher level of brand recognition than Koenigsegg. Thus, tossing the Saab name in the plastic, assemble-it-yourself trash bin would make about as much sense as a supercar garage buying a family sedan factory from one of the world's largest auto conglomerates. Oh, wait a second....

[Source: Vi Bilägare]

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