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Last week, we showed you BMW's new "Jump for Joy" ad. The 1:16 video features BMW owners literally jumping into their vehicles in spectacular fashion. Decent commercial overall, but it lacked that certain zing that Audi's "Meet the Beckers" spots showed last year. Remember those Internet gems? Audi was absolutely brutal towards BMW, Mercedes and Lexus owners, and we loved every minute of it.

What we didn't know last week when we posted the original "Jump for Joy" commercial was that BMW also created an extended version of the ad, this time totaling nearly two minutes in length. The first half of the video looks a lot like the original spot, save for a bearded voyeur watching on as the BMW drivers jumped into their Bavarian g-rides. At 1:10 in, we discover that the stalker guy is, in fact, an Audi owner, and he wants to jump for joy too. Needless to say, Mr. Audi doesn't prove to be as graceful as his BMW-owning neighbors. He clumsily botches his attempt at jumping into his car, jamming his testicles in the process. Not as funny as "Meet the Beckers," perhaps, but not a bad effort at demoralizing the competition, either. Hit the jump to view the testy ad for yourself.

[Source: BMW via YouTube]

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