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Although the Summer Blockbuster season has officially ended (and not a moment too soon), on November 13, Hollywood is putting out yet another epic disaster flick produced by the same fertile minds that brought you The Day After Tomorrow, Independence Day and Alien vs. Predator. Like TF2, 2012 is destined to exchange character development and a cohesive plot for Cray-annihilating graphics, but we're still planning to throw our brains into neutral and hit up the Multiplex to get the full visceral assault when it arrives.

Before 2012 hits theaters next month, Sony Pictures has put out a five and a half minute spoiler of one of the movie's ultimate scenes, in which Jackson Curtis (played by John Cusack) picks up his wife (Amanda Peet), daughter and a few other characters just as the apocalypse kicks into high gear. What follows is one of the best (and by best, we mean ridiculously green-screened and CG'd) scenes that proves once and for all that Ford's decision to kill the Panther platform will have untold consequences when Revelations (or whatever) is realized. Make the jump for the full teaser, along with a parody trailer that sums up our collective grumbling.

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