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Toronto Electric, a company usually busy with the building and servicing of industrial lifting equipment, took advantage of PHEV'09 in Montreal last week to debut an electric car prototype. Company president Steve Chapman has been working on the sporty two-seater the past couple of years and believes he's come up with a city-car whose drivetrain could be adapted to employ in-wheel motors or perhaps a range-extender. If the fascia looks a little familiar it's likely because designer Paul Deutschman not only penned the TE Option 1, but also the Dynasty. Unlike that effort, this auto is a step up from a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) with a top speed of about 60 mph and has a roll cage under the fiberglass skin in case the worst should happen.

Equipped with 27 kWh of batteries from Valence, range is calculated to be 130 miles. Its Azure Dynamics 49kW AC motor can bring it from a standstill to 37 mph (60 kph) in four seconds, quick enough for the environment its meant to be driven in. As with many of its recent electric friends, the Option 1 has an LED touch-screen to offer GPS services and Google maps while a separate LED is used to serve as the instrument panel. While it's not known yet where the development path will lead, for now the little electric will be, according to Chapman's wife, "the most expensive car on the block." Hit the jump for a couple videos examining the car as it was being displayed at Place Desjardins.

[Source: EV World / Voiture Electrique / Electric Mobility Canada]

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