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We've all seen people stepping out of exquisite sports cars dressed like total slobs, and the whole image thing just goes up in a cloud of smoke. Porsche Design seems to have made it its mission to complete the package, and to that end has released two new product lines.

Among the sportswear, luggage, appliances, power tools, mega yachts and everything else the German automaker's Austrian merchandising studio has come up with recently, Porsche Design released its signature fragrance line – called "The Essence" – about a year and a half ago, and has now followed up with a new take its calling "The Essence Intense." Not quite bottling that "new car smell," Porsche Design says Intense packs notes of myrtle, juniper and mandarin into a sleek bottle of frosted black glass and satin black brushed aluminum that goes a long way towards explaining the conspicuously strange shape of the new Panamera.

Of more interest to the enthusiast, however, might be Porsche Design's latest line of driving shoes. Positioned a little higher than the sneaks designed for Adidas, the latest collection of Porsche footwear is formal enough to wear to the office, and is designed for heel-and-toe work: The right sole is grooved for quick transition from gas to brake, while the left sole is designed to grip the clutch pedal.

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Make a perfect entrance with an innovative sole concept
Top quality men's shoes from Porsche Design

Bietigheim-Bissingen. Porsche Design presents its new shoe collection for the Spring / Summer 2010 season. A total of four designs ensure a perfect entrance, ranging from classically formal to relaxed sports styles. One thing all models have in common is functional and timeless design, enhanced with a unique TPU sole concept. The shoes are manufactured in Italy in cooperation with Müller & Meirer Lederwarenfabrik GmbH.

When it comes to a perfectly matching outfit, shoes are at the top of the list. The new Porsche Design shoe collection consists of four different basic designs to offer the right model for every occasion and fashion type: whether elegant and sleek for everyday business with the "Milano" line shoes, or something light and sporty for the evening with the "Berlin" range. The exclusive choice of materials and extraordinary attention to detail, the new shoes seamlessly fit into the purist lines of the brand. In addition, a unified heel appearance and the characteristic Porsche Design Allen screws, also used in the luggage range, ensure a high level of

The sole concept developed by Porsche Design-Studio in Zell am See (Austria) sets a new benchmark. Inspired by double-clutching when driving a car, where the left foot works independently of the right, the soles were specially designed for these demands. The Porsche Design shoes take this process into account, with the result that all models have non-slip TPU soles with two different profiles: the outside of the right sole has a row of grooves along its length to ensure a firm grip and quick change from accelerator pedal to brake; the left sole, however, only has a non-slip structure, to give the best possible grip to the clutch foot when changing gear.

Another unique feature is the open ankle spring, which connects the heel to the front of the shoe in classic designs. It provides the foot with stable grip when walking and prevents the heel from tipping. The steel spring used up to now is replaced by a metal element in the Porsche Design shoe collection, which is visibly integrated into the sole and gives the shoes a unique appearance. The unusual design and special shape of the aluminium wedge also follow its function: the innovative element provides the foot with lateral stability with every step, while simultaneously supporting the natural rolling movement.

The collection's colour palette includes Porsche Design classics Black, White and Titanium Grey as well as a dark Brown. The uppers of the shoes are made of soft, Italian calfskin.

There are a total of four different designs available: Milano, Tokyo, New York and Berlin. The "Milano" range follows a rather classic signature, offering a new interpretation of the sleek, everyday business shoe. They are available as a modern loafer, a Derby or an Oxford style lace-up shoe with elegant punching. The "Tokyo" sneaker range is perfect for making a special entrance. As well as a modern, rectangular design, they are primarily characterised by a pleasing mix of materials, with a C-Tech carbon-look fabric element, as also used in the new CL2 luggage range from Porsche Design. In classic Italian style, the elegant "New York" dress sneakers have a modern combination of Nubuck and Nappa leather. The young and sporty "Berlin" sneaker stands out with a fresh interplay of colours and stylish appliqué.

The new shoe collection will be in the shops from the beginning of 2010 and will be available worldwide in exclusive specialist retailers, Porsche Design Stores and franchise stores.

Müller & Meirer was founded by Heinrich Müller in 1952 and developed over the years to become one of the leading German manufacturers of leather goods and luggage. Manufacturing under license became a significant part of the company's policy in the mid-90s. From the very start, an important highlight has been the development, production and sale of bags and luggage under the Porsche Design brand. The "French Classic" business range was awarded the first prize for innovative leather design in 2005.

Porsche Design is a luxury brand with a particular focus on technically inspired products. The brand was founded in 1972 by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, whose products have stood for functional, timeless and purist design ever since. The product portfolio incorporates classic men's accessories, a sports and fashion collection, electronic products and a men's fragrance line. The products are designed at the Porsche Design Studio in Zell am See (Austria) and sold around the worldwide in the company's own stores, shop-in-shops, high quality department stores and exclusive specialist retailers.


Contrast of freshness and woody notes
Porsche Design launches "The Essence Intense"

Stuttgart/Paris. Porsche Design Group (Porsche Lizenz- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG) is introducing its new fragrance "The Essence Intense". The perfume is a new orchestration - sensual and sophisticated - of the successful fragrance "The Essence". As a start it will go on sale from fall 2009 in Germany and the Middle East and will be on hand thereafter worldwide in Porsche Design Stores and via Clarins Group distribution channels. "The Essence Intense" is the second perfume of Porsche Design and will be available in 50 and 80 millilitre sprays.
"The Essence Intense" is a reinterpretation of the first fragrance, intensified by the richness of woody-amber harmonies. The tonic freshness characterizing the initial scent has been kept. In contrast, its aromatic and woody facets have been intensified with added notes, which affirm its personality and provide a longerlasting trail of scent.

With its combination of freshness and aromatic, woody facets "The Essence
Intense" is a perfume of contrasts. The fragrance gives a first impression of invigorating freshness, which is the common characteristic of the whole "The Essence" product range and is based on myrtle, juniper berry and bitter mandarin. Next, the fragrance opens to the intense and virile notes of Siberian pine and black pepper, which contrast with the spicy mildness of cinnamon from Ceylon. Finally, Haitian vetiver and amber give the creation its strength and a new sensuality.

The bottle of "The Essence" has been designed by the Porsche Design Studio. For the new fragrance it has been redone entirely in black. Its imposing black glass prism is matte, restrained and elegant. The satiny black, brushed-aluminum used for the frame provides an exciting contrast. Porsche Design thus remains true to its distinctive design vocabulary and once again puts its faith in the use of challenging materials. The shape of the bottle refers closely to its function. It has neither a lid nor an annoying bottle top.

Porsche Design is a luxury brand with particular focus on technically inspired products. The Porsche Design brand was founded in 1972 by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, and since then its products have stood for functional, timeless and purist design. The product portfolio includes classic men's accessories, a sport and fashion collection as well as electronic products and a men's fragrance range. All products are designed in the Porsche Design Studio in Zell am See, Austria, and sold worldwide in own stores, shop-in-shops, high quality department stores and exclusive retail outlets.

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