Fox News on Fisker, Teska DOE loans - Click above to watch the videos after the jump

Pop quiz: what country is Tesla Motors based in? England? Wrong. What about Fisker Automotive? Finland? Wrong again, but if you gave those two answers, you might be qualified to be on Fox News and criticize the Department of Energy for giving loans to these two companies, both of which are based in California. Fisker got $528.7 million and Tesla Motors was awarded $465 million.

Of course, the DOE loans are intended to be used to bring manufacturing and engineering jobs to the U.S., a bit of information that Fox just barely mentions. Fisker will conduct engineering work in Pontiac, MI and its Irvine, California headquarters for Project Nina, the company's lower-cost plug-in hybrid. Tesla will use the money to bring the Model S to market through a manufacturing facility, most likely to be built somewhere in California.

Fox news anchor Martha MacCallum also seems to enjoy harping on the "Karma" name, as if it's just a hippie car or something, She also made sure to highlight the connection between Fisker and Al Gore, but didn't mention Colin Powell's connection to the company. Watch the video after the jump and read the transcript of the exchange over on Media Matters.

UPDATE: Fisker responds.

[Source: Fox News, Media Matters via Hybrid Cars]

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