No guts, no glory, and it wouldn't be a Top Gear episode without some kind of outrageous stunt or challenge. The propensity of autodom's favorite trio to flirt with danger has led to mishaps in the past, most famously, Richard Hammond (right) and his near-death tussle with a high speed rocket car, and now it's James May's (left) turn for a cock-up.

The UK's Daily Mail reports that May was riding in a caravan (that's a camper to you, buddy) lashed to the bottom of a dirigible, only to be blown off course by wind that had been uncooperative all day. Rather than land on a busy cricket green full of white-togged players, the whole rig wound up succumbing to the wind and crash landed in a farmer's field. May was unhurt, and will live to crash another day – provided the BBC doesn't succumb to pressures calling for the program's demise.

[Source: Daily Mail I Image: Chris Jackson/Getty]

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