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The GMC Terrain is just coming to market, but some have speculated that a diesel variant could be on the way to trump the crossover's already impressive 32 mpg highway figure. Well that's just not going to happen, according to Buick GMC boss Susan Docherty. Last month, GMC Communications Group Manager Dayna Hart Tweeted that the Acadia would receive a Denali variant, but the Terrain won't be so lucky. Docherty made no bones about the fact that Denali badging wasn't being planned during a web chat on the GM FastLane blog. That doesn't mean that the Terrain will never be Denali-fied, but at the very least, it won't happen any time soon.

We've heard the Terrain referred to as "awkward," "odd," "homely," and even "brutally wretched," but we've also heard some say that it has "genuine presence for such a small vehicle," and that it is "seriously butch." Either way, Docherty insists that the newest GMC could also be called an early sales success. Inventory for the CUV is low and demand is reportedly high, but Docherty says that the situation should improve in October as production is ramped up at the General's Ramos, Mexico Ingersoll, Ontario plant.

[Source: Inside Line]

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