When a news article about a new car starts with this line – "Vehicle currently in development requires no fuel, no external charging" – it makes us worry. We're not exactly big fans of vaporware made of unobtanium. So, it is with skepticism that we read about a new compressed air car being developed by the team at Club Auto Sport in Silicon Valley.

The car that Magnetic Air Cars is working on is an updated version of a compressed air powerplant vehicle from 1932. While details are not precisely spelled out, the Custer air car technology that underlies what Magnetic Air Cars is working on uses air-bearing turbochargers to create mechanical energy. The turbochargers run on cold compressed air, MAC's CEO Manual Parks told the Almaden Times last year, and the powerplant also uses "super-capacitors, earth friendly recyclable batteries, solar power, magnetic motors and magnetic generators to compress entrained ambient air." Another interesting bit of tech is the "air bearings, capable of obtaining revolutions as high as one million RPM." Luckily, Parks says that, "Our solution does not violate the laws of energy conservation or the basic principles of thermodynamics." Whew. Read more about it here.

[Source: Magnetic Air Cars via Inhabitat]

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