When Volkswagen unveiled its Concept BlueSport Roadster in Detroit last January, the big question on people's mind was "When can we buy one?" If the most recent spy photos from the Nürburgring are any indication, it could be soon. A development mule based on a three-door Golf MK VI has been spotted circulating with what looks like a dislocated rear axle.
It's not uncommon to see test mules like this that use existing bodies with new hardware underneath to evaluate new stuff. It looks like this mule has both a wider track and shorter wheelbase than the Golf, which could correspond to testing chassis bits for the BlueSport. It's not clear from this batch of photos whether this vehicle has the engine mounted up front or behind the front seats. There aren't any visible ducts or air intakes feeding a mid-engine but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Only time will tell if we get this high-mileage diesel-powered sports car.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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