Despite the general economic downturn – felt in Germany as much as anywhere else – sales in Germany of natural gas (CNG) powered cars increased by 14 percent this year. Specifically, the increase saw 6,561 more CNG vehicles sold this year so far, adding about 80,000 CNG vehicles to German roads. Most of these models belong to two home brands, Volkswagen and Opel. The top sellers were the VW Caddy (with 2,476 units), the Opel Zafira (839 units), the VW Passat (758 units) and the Volkswagen Touran (562 units). One of the reasons for the increase in sales is the lower costs of natural gas in Germany. it costs about half as much to run a car on CNG than on unleaded gasoline in Germay, and there are lower taxes and insurance costs to consider as well.

[Source: Auto News]

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