Back in August, General Motors began a pilot program in which it opened up its own eBay mega store. A total of 225 dealers had participated in the California-only pilot, but GM has decided to pull the plug on the program effective today. With the program ending instead of expanding to all of the 50 U.S. States and beyond, many would call the program a failure. GM doesn't see it that way.

The General is calling its eBay experiment a success, stating that the program helped the Detroit, MI-based automaker reach potential customers who wouldn't have otherwise considered GM products. We're not so sure about that one, but then again we're not invited to many board meetings at the Ren Cen, either.

While GM and eBay aren't releasing the amount of sales generated by the program, some site statistics are being released. GM's auction site achieved a fairly impressive 1.5 million views during its month-and-a-half in existence, with a reported 15,000 dealer leads.

GM spokesman John McDonald says that the company is focusing its efforts on a new marketing campaign that touts the General's new 60 day money back guarantee. And just because GM is ending its eBay experiment, it doesn't mean that its thousands of dealers are going to stop posting new cars and trucks on eBay Motors. Dealers from all OEMs have been using the popular auction site for years, and it seems that the majority of auctions on the site now are of the dealer variety.

[Source: Seattle Times]

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