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Without actually, you know, tuning anything on the powertrain of the 2010 Toyota Prius, Japanese tuning company Tommy Kaira has unveiled its tarted-up version of the third-generation iconic hybrid.

The efficient sleekness of the original front end has been replaced by a new front lip spoiler and air intakes, and the 2010 Prius' new vertical front lights get emphasized in the Tommy Kaira version, which somehow sort of works for us. The backside features a new bumper and a quad-pipe exhaust system, which sends a confusing mixed message for a car that's obviously green. Tommy Kaira has also added larger wheels and lowered the ride height for a driveway-averse stance.

No word yet on how much the package costs, but if we're going to spend extra money on a Prius, we sort of want it to go towards upping the mpg capabilities even further.

[Source: Tommy Kaira]

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