Ford and Microsoft, sittin' in a tree... right, you know the rest. With the official October 22nd launch of Windows 7 right around the corner, the Blue Oval has reportedly pledged to support the Washington-based software company's new operating system however it can.

That support will include upgrading all of Ford's own computers from whatever version of Windows they happen to be running (any bets that Ford never made a wholesale switch to Vista?) to the new release. Also making the switch will be Continental Airlines, Starwood Hotels & Resorts and Intel.

Further, these selected companies are currently meeting with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to discuss how else they can help promote Windows 7. Ford's tie-in with the house that Bill built stems from the fact that the two companies paired up to launch Ford's excellent SYNC infotainment system back in 2007.

[Source: Auto Observer, Bloomberg]

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