Its been a mixed year for the A123-sponsored Killacycle crew. On one hand, they've been involved with bringing an electric delivery truck to market and that's cool. On the racing hand, well, there hasn't been much to report. Although entered in the TTXGP, they were a disappointing no-show. An expected assault on a land speed record also didn't materialize. Even their racing bread and butter, the record-owning quarter-mile drag machine, had been letting them down despite (or because of) having secret A123 skunkworks cells installed. Letting them down, that is, until now.

On Saturday they re-visited the thin air of the Bandimere Speedway that had provided the backdrop for last year's record breaking run and, with Scotty Pollacheck in the saddle of the rocket, raised the bar yet again. The National Electric Drag Racing (NEDRA) record run is now 7.864 @ 169 mph. Yes, that's less than a tenth of a second quicker than the previous mark, but times at these events tend to be sliced rather thinly.

It may be of some interest that electric motorcycle records were set in both lanes. Killacycle crew member Eva Håkansson's ElectroCat is now not only the Swedish conversion we've ever seen but officially also the quickest 48-volt bike in the eighth of a mile. Perhaps not as impressive as the Zilla-equipped Killa but it's street legal and that ought to count for something. Check out the pairing in the coming and going videos awaiting you after the jump.

[Source: Eva Håkansson]

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