There have been subtle signs that demand for new cars and trucks are improving. Several automakers plan to increase production over the next few months, and Toyota is no different. Reuters is reporting that the World's Largest Automaker has raised its sales forecast by 3% to 6.7 million units for the year ending March 2010. Toyota is also reportedly looking to increase production by a not-so-subtle 8% to a total of 6.45 million units. Toyota is neither confirming or denying the report, which originated in the Tokyo Shimbun daily.

Some of the reasons cited for the increased forecast and production center around incentives from governments all over the world. Here in the States, Cash for Clunkers payed a big role in Toyota's sales increase, while low emissions vehicle subsidies of up to $2,800 by the Japanese government has helped spur sales in the automaker's home market.

[Source: Reuters]

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