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Might Best Buy begin offering the Aptera 2e when the vehicle is finally ready for sale at some unknown time in the future? Possibly. Though the video has since been removed from YouTube, some sort of promotional material from the big box retailer highlighting electric vehicles reportedly featured at least two separate cars from Aptera.

Further, the idea of selling electric vehicles at Best Buy locations isn't something new. In fact, selected locations scattered along the West Coast are already selling the Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle. Further, rumors abound that Best Buy will soon offer more electric two-wheelers, including Segways and bicycles.

So, is this a good idea or bad idea? Would you consider purchasing an Aptera 2e from Best Buy? It's certainly a large purchase and there are obvious questions as to how the vehicle will be serviced, but having the space-age car available at such a large and well-known location might add to its credibility. What say you? Thanks to all who sent this in!

[Source: Aptera Forum]

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