Regardless of what viewers may think of the opinions of Jeremy Clarkson and his cohorts at Top Gear, no one can argue with the production values. The cinematography is magnificent and even those who couldn't care less about cars find themselves getting sucked into the BBC program's visuals. Amazingly though, aside from one 2007 special, the show has always been shot with standard definition cameras (*cue Clarkson voice*).... Until now. In a post on the BBC's blog, Danielle Nagler, head of the HD division, announced that the upcoming 14th series of Top Gear is being shot with high definition cameras.

The new series will debut in the UK on November 15, which means that we should be seeing it on BBC America sometime in 2019. Give or take. The U.S.-based BBC America cable channel just started running series 7 of the show. While we love the show here at Autoblog headquarters, we sincerely wish we didn't have to resort to the torrents to get our fix at the same time as our British friends.

[Source: BBC Internet blog via EngadgetHD]

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