2008 Hummer HX concept - click above image for hi-res gallery

With General Motors selling its Hummer operations to China's Tengzhong, there had been some concern that the embattled state of Michigan would lose even more jobs if the SUV brand's home base would move either overseas or out of state. But according to Reuters, that doesn't look like it's going to happen. According to company officials, Hummer LLC has secured some $20.6 million worth of state tax credits over ten years, and in turn, it expects to invest $9.4 million over five years into its new headquarters.

Reuters indicates that Hummer operations will be relocated to a location in southeast Michigan, with plans to start at 100 employees and eventually ramp upwards to 300 in a few years. A site for the headquarters has not been announced yet, but it will likely come after the deal between GM and Tengzhong is finalized.

[Source: Reuters]

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