survey says public wants more Cash for Clunkers. Well, of course they do.

After a month of relentless Cash for Clunkers coverage, we were more than pleased when the Fed's buy-back program finally ended. Nearly every other day C4C was in danger of getting shut down because of a lack of funds. Then there were dealers were worried about getting paid and customers who had to sign responsibility forms in the event their clunker wasn't covered under the program. But while we've had more than our fill of C4C, the car-buying public wants more.

A recent poll conducted by Kicking Tires shows that 55 percent of recent car buyers and current shoppers feel C4C should be resurrected. You might be thinking that anyone who's recently purchased a new car would be pleased with any program which provided $4,500 for an inefficient hunk of junk, but only ten percent of respondents participated in the program. Among those involved, 37 percent would have purchased a new car over a used car if C4C was in effect, 30 percent weren't anticipating a purchase of any kind and 24 percent held off on new car purchases until clunkers arrived.

While many car buyers would love a continuation of Cash for Clunkers, we're guessing tax payers probably don't want to dole out another $3 billion to clear our nations roads of additional rust buckets. Heck, according to an Automotive News survey, 44 percent of dealers didn't even want the program extended the first time.

[Source: Kicking Tires | Image Source: Justin Sullivan/Getty]

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