Aston Martin Rapide - click above image for hi-res gallery

First of all, does Aston Martin really need a Facebook page? Really? Is the brand actually helped by comments like this, "Aston Martins...the most sexy sports car ever manufactured;)sooo sexy even sexier in red!" We're guessing no. Then again, Aston's relentless pursuit of James Bond marketing hoopla (remember, in Fleming's books, 007 typically drove Bentleys) does show that they like their cars in the public eye. Plus, social networking is the new black PR. And unlike a certain Honda, it seems that most Facebookers like the way that Aston Martins look.

Case in point: Aston has just dropped eleven pics of the long-anticipated four-door Rapide onto its Facebook profile. Granted, these are the same production pics we got with the press materials in Frankfurt, but still. Now they're on Facebook, which we guess is the natural progression of things. Also, any of you find anything about the pictures a little off-putting? Like how the family in them just ain't that British looking? In fact, they appear kinda more like a Scandinavian dream. Something's just... off. Thanks to Christopher for the tip!

[Source: Facebook]

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