All Dubai'd out Audi S5 in Moscow - click above image to watch the video

When we were in Frankfurt last week and saw the mirror-finish Audi R8 we thought we were so darn clever because we came up with the phrase, "All Dubai'd out" to describe its shiny, reflective surfaces. A little etymology if you will. The phrase, "All murdered out" has recently entered the car bloggin' lexicon to describe cars that are black-on-black-on-black. In that case, one might say, "Dang, the Brabus Black Baron is all murdered out." And we thought we had a sure fire meme/trope on our hands with "all Dubai'd out." Only we forgot one little thing: Moscow.

Yes, this most certainly is a video of a chrome-look Audi S5 sitting in an underground parking lot. But is it all Dubai'd out, or all Moscow'd out? It's these kind of thoughts that kept us out of the really good schools. Anyhow, the reflective Audi eventually leaves the garage, cruises around Moscow blasting Russian gangsta rap (which is admittedly kinda cool) before stopping to get ogled by some leather jacket wearin', G-Wagon drivin' Russian mobster types. Then, of course by the end, the mirrored S5 can be seen drag racing a solid gold M5. No, really. Full video and poll after the jump.


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