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In our review of the 2010 Ford Taurus SHO, you may recall our charge that while the resurrected SHO is surely a great performance bargain for a big executive sedan, it doesn't earn its SHO-ness. There's a certain quality lacking that the original possessed, a uniqueness, of which the new SHO is bereft. Sure, it's powerful and plush and well appointed, but what makes it anything more than a Ford Taurus EcoBoost?

Car and Driver
is claiming that inside sources have confirmed that Ford now agrees with our assessment. According to C&D, Ford used focus groups to help determine how differentiated the SHO should be from a standard Taurus, and when no consensus was found, they erred on the side of the caution – and lower cost – and gave the Taurus halo sedan only minor visual tweaks.

After seeing how the new SHO has been received by critics and the public, Ford is reportedly preparing a substantial visual rework of the SHO for the 2012 model year. While no specifics were offered, the inside source did divulge that new wheels were a lock (modern slicers, please!). As to why they don't roll out these changes on the 2011 model, C&D suggests that it would look like Ford was admitting a mistake had been made if they reacted too quickly, and it also sounds as if some of the changes may require more than a model year to develop.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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