Drew Barrymore takes the Green Car Challenge - Will any of these guys be able to beat Drew's lap time?

Last week, actress Drew Barrymore kicked off the Jay Leno Show's Green Car Challenge segment with a bang. Literally. Canons shot streamers and ping pong balls at the Ford Focus EV while she zipped around the track. Although the whole thing was a bit hokey, we know the segment is here to stay, hopefully with some healthy tweaking.

We say drop the second lap shenanigans, create a properly defined track and make it a real race with some interesting guests. Well, with what we just learned, we think they might be on the right track. No pun intended. It will be another Big Adventure for the next celeb to take the wheel, none other than actor Paul Reubens, better known to most of us as Pee-wee Herman. After Pee-wee has a crack at the challenge, other celebs scheduled to appear are sportscasters Bob Costas and Al Michaels, as well as the one and only, hybrid-loathing Rush Limbaugh.

Are any of these guys capable of besting Barrymore's lap time? Our money is on the lightweight Costas, although Pee Wee might be a shot in the dark. Michaels could surprise, but we doubt Limbaugh will be able to avoid the penalties that will ensue from mowing down the effigies of Al Gore and Ed Begley, Jr. What say you? Who will top the board after these guys complete the Green Car Challenge?

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