We just spent four, maybe five, minutes Googling around these here internets looking for the most expensive safety triangle we could find. You know, those orange reflective thingermabobs you can erect in the face of oncoming traffic to warn them of your breakdown/tire change? Most are $12. Though the most expensive one we could locate costs $21.49, although upon closer inspection, that's for a three-pack.

According to its website, Chevrolet, on the other hand, will be more than happy to sell you (or rather let a dealer sell you) an orange safety triangle with your Corvette ZR1 for $2,929. Ooh, we bet it's extra safe! Or, as tipster Jonathan says of the triangle, "This seem a tad high. Maybe I am wrong and the triangle is made out of solid (and very shiny) gold."

They will also let you purchase a $5,233 fire extinguisher, a $4,187 first aid kit and our favorite, a $12,870 roadside assistance package that includes, "a convenient tire pressure gauge, fuse kit, multi-bit screwdriver, flashlight, pliers, rain poncho and more." Obviously, the pliers are by Klein, the poncho is from Versace and the fuses are made of diamonds. Could be, though we're thinking the fact that Chevy offers both a $44 and $5,233 fire extinguisher means the whole page is one big series of typos. Still, ha ha ha funny. And again, thanks to Jonathan for the tip.

[Source: Chevrolet.com]

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